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Sound Good Live Offers

PA Rentals

We’ve got some neat gear to make your music or presentation sound superb. PA rental comes with engineer.

Live Engineering

We provide live sound reinforcement and engineering.

Open Mics

We host an open mic in Bremerton and Silverdale (Dugout/World of Beer)

About Us

When You Need To Sound Good
Superb Sound. Top Talent.

Sound Good Live is a premier live sound engineering provider in the Pacific Northwest. We meet and exceed your expectations with solid gear, professional engineers, with fun music artists, comedians and DJs. No matter the occasion or event, we will make you Sound Good Live !

Our Team & Talent

Meet Some Of Our Team Members & Talent
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Dave Morgan

Owner/Audio Engineer
I will make your event sound good live. Whether it’s a conference needing a vocal PA, playing your music list at a party or event or bringing stellar live musicians to your party or event, I will make your special day Sound Good Live.
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Tobias The Owl

VP of NW Folklife
Tobias the Owl is a collaborative, indie-acoustic group of musicians performing in the Pacific Northwest. Our music has received widespread, critical acclaim, international airplay and has been featured in film, TV and on soundtracks.
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Saint John and the Revelations

Sound Good Live can provide catchy-alt-folk-rock-rhythm-&-blues with Saint John and the Revelations ready to please any audience, solo, duo, trio and band. Contact us for booking! http://www.sjatr.com/
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Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage

Rock Band/Talent
Melodic heavy rock with a feel-good vibe and positive audience interaction. Also check out their webpage at – http://woatw.com
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Comedy In Kitsap

Comedy Roster And Local Promotions
Sound Good Live is teaming up with Comedy in Kitsap to add a roster of comedians available for Sound Good Live events.
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Owen Eardley

Podcast Host / Local Comedian
Owen is about to fire up a new podcast sponsored by Sound Good Live. He’ll be covering the comedy scene and I’ll be trying to get him to play some local music. Might have to twist his arm !! Logo credit to Daniel Martinez
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Sam’s Acoustic Management

Sam Finch


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